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Controlpanel mình muốn nói ở đây là zpanel, zPanel new birth control is not so long ago and still very new

Coupled with other new bug, nhưng những gì mình test qua, I could accept it if you do not have too many strict requirements for it.


ZPanel homepage is http://www.zpanelcp.com


– Quick Install

– Friendly Interface

– Simple administration with new people vps

– Replacement parts and Webmin administration Kloxo


– Never share a file manager ( only support file management via FTP)

– After add domains to expect from 10 – 20 minute to server update

– Utilities incomplete statistics

– Due to new development community has less

– No integration with LiteSpeed ​​and nginx

zPanel both Linux and Windows versions, however in this article I will show you the version of Linux, I will specifically instruct you to install on OS CentOS

System requirements of the following zPanel:

– Operating system not installed anything new CentOS

– CentOS version 6.3 You can download versions of CentOS 6.3 zPanel recommended that in here

After having what zPanel request, we start the installation

You connect to a vps / server your degree program putty

If your new installation is finished you should update your CentOS packages by running CentOS

#yum update -y

Time to update faster or slower depending on the connection speed of your server. Usually takes 5 – 15 minute

We downloaded the latest version of the statement zPanel

Version 64 bit:

#wget http://www.zvps.co.uk/sites/default/files/downloads/centos-6-3/package/installer-x86_64-install.sh.x.tar.gz

Version 32 bit:

#wget http://www.zvps.co.uk/sites/default/files/downloads/centos-6-3/package/installer-x86-install.sh.x.tar.gz


If you get an error

-bash: wget: command not found

Then by your vps not install wget command available, you can use the following command to install

#yum install wget -y

After downloading the installation file we extract it by command:

64 bit:

#tar -xf installer-x86_64-install.sh.x.tar.gz


#tar -xf installer-x86-install.sh.x.tar.gz

Proceed grant


#chmod x installer-x86_64-install.sh.x


chmod x installer-x86-install.sh.x


Before the installation we need to install some packages needed to complete the installation by running the command

#yum install ld-linux.so.2 curl


After installing the necessary packages, we proceed to install zPanel

64 bit:


32 bit:


You enter y to agree to the terms of zPanel


Then you enter your timezone, Vietnam's time zone will be the Asia / Ho_Chi_Minh


You can refer to the different time zone in


Then you press Enter to


In the next step you set your hostname to vps


Next you enter your IP vps


You enter the admin password for the MySQL ( 2 Times )

Lưu ý : You should set a password usually do not include special characters like !@#$%^&*()




zPanel conducted to install, after installation will automatically restart zPanel vps


*** This step is very important ***

Before vps restart, zPanel will grant admin password

Please note this password to login first or you can use this password later

User default would be zadmin

Password will be zPanel random stuff in red frame 2


You access your IP or domain name points to servers


Here you login user and password that provide zPanel


So I have to introduce you step by step how to install zPanel.

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