Move WordPress From Host-to-Host

When building a website ,you usually built on localhost,now you do not know how to transfer the hosting to introduce to your friends?You want to move the wordpress site from supplier to supplier other more stable?
This article will guide you to do all that.

Step 1: Backup
If you switch from one supplier to another supplier,you ask the old hosting provider to a full backup at the moment offline (Save this backup step ::)).
After getting back from supplier ,you unzip it to get the file and the database offline.
If you move from localhost:
In phpmyadmin, select database (CSDL) then you click the Export , select all of the tables in the left column. then you choose to save the tar.gz file or sql.

Step 2 : Tao goes Restore Database
1 .Tao database user goes:
You refer to the article :
2 .restore database
You go to phpmyadmin database at the new host you choose, ROI VAO Import ->file database bạn vừa export localhost hoặc file database trong thư mục mysql của file backup full mà nhà cung cấp cũ gửi cho bạn

Make sure you note the maximum allowed, file your sql.gz to less than the maximum.
If the database is too large you can restore the instructions in the following article:

Step 3: Đưa mã nguồn lên hosting

Upload all the files that contain your site to the public_html folder on the hosting.
If you switch from another provider: after extracting the full backup file,bạn up toàn bộ file trong folder \ten_file_backup\homedir\public_html vào thư mục public_html trên hosting.

You can refer to the User Upload file via FTP Posts :

Step 4: Ket Noi voi site database

You open the wp-config.php file and change the database name information, username and password cho phù hợp với thông tin ở hosting mới.(You created in step 2.1)
If done correctly the above steps, you have completed the transfer blog to new hosting and know.

I wish you success

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