Guidance on Website Backup Cpanel

To perform backups,First you log into cpanel hosting


Then browse to the file management section:

Backups =>Perform system backups dowload the Domain or in part as Full Website Backup, Home Directory, MySQL Database, Email Forwarders……
Creating the first Backup is easy gian.Dau,you click in the File Manager in Cpanel Then just click on the name of the folder you want to dowload backup.
Vd:Want to dowload full backup of your host You click Download or Generate a Full Website Backup (See photos below)

Next ,browser interface will appear as follows:

You can click on the email address to receive mail notification upon completion of backups,otherwise you can skip this step

Then click on the Generate Backup ,will appear as follows:

(This is a bulletin board sends or does not send mail after finishing off triggers>depending on the steps before you can tick Email Address or not)

You click Go Back.Se interface appears as follows

You wait a while and then reload the page ( press the F5 key on your computer)

Until browsers display:

At this point you may Dowload backups of backups by tick on blue link above.

(You note after unpacking,the entire code of your web page in the directory Homedir.tar)

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