How to Create a database on cpanel

-note:in the cpanel 11 present,you can not create a database in the database Php Admin

To create 1 database(database) Your new wizard by clicking the icon MySQL Database Wizard in the monitored area in cpanel Databases.

then the interface appears as follows:

Here we enter the name of the database you want to create and click Next Step

Wizard then asks us to enter the corresponding user information data base

Note:This time the database was created with the name on the form Usenamehosting_ten CSDL.trong,database named thiendu1_hhhhh

-Your username and password and click Create User,This time appearance:

Wizard requires us to assign its right to intervene in the database of newly registered user;

Normally I choose all of these rights by checking the box ALL PRIVILEGES

Note:Wizard has now display all information of the new database:User,password,database name

Finally you click the Next Step ,you will get a success message


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