Guidance on the server run linux installation suphp cpanel.

1)to introduce

Suphp an increase of the security module server and enforcement of user rights php running under PHP scripts which owns.
*The advantage of running suphp:
-PHP scripts called from Web Server will be run under the user that owns PHP scripts.
-All PHP Scripts is not in one particular user would be unable to enforce or users will not be able to execute PHP Scripts is the user's other. This means that when a certain account stolen, the scripts can not yet spread to other accounts is.

*The weakness of the high CPU usage suPHP. In addition, you can not use the opcode cache (as xcache) with suPHP.
-using high CPU load suPHP if you can switch to using DSO or FastCGI.


To install suphp we can use the update EasyApache or apache WHM .(Here I used easypache)
Login to the server as root and run scripts EasyApache
After making scripts on we shall see 1 screen with various options
You can select the default configuration by selecting “Start customizing based on profile”.Then you can choose the version apache ,php.Sau picking php version,click Next .
It displays 1 list of modules and the first is "Mod SuPHP" .Select this module using the space bar on the table phim.Tiep Now click "Save and Build".

The build process will take about 30 minute,Mortar enough for us to drink coffee .
To turn suphp you just run the following command:
/usr/local/cpanel/bin/rebuild_phpconf 5 none suphp 1
5:Php version default
none :not use php4
1: Enable Suexec
To test we are using any php hanler and suexec has enabled or not,we run the following command:
/usr/local/cpanel/bin/rebuild_phpconf –current

Available handlers: suphp dso cgi none
PHP4 SAPI: none
PHP5 SAPI: suphp
suexec: enabled
Finally to check suphp really work or do write khong.Chung 1 file php và chmod 777
touch /home/user/public_html/phpinfo.php
chmod 777 /home/user/public_html/phpinfo.php
If you see an "Internal Server Error" on the mean Suphp duyet.Co has successfully completed its work.
Hopefully this article will be useful for you.
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