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Hôm nay, I will guide you to use the service SEO Hosting of

After you register for the service done SEO Hosting, you log in to your account at http client://

After login is complete you choose “Registered Services”



After choosing “Registered Services” you continue to choose SEO Hosting service package that you have already registered



In managed hosting site, you enter the domain name to use with the new IP address in the box under the rubric ( as shown below ) and press Addomain



Status column notifies you know your domain name has been pointing to the correct IP or not:

– A yellow icon sign (!) Your IP means not pointing about

– Green icon with the word (in) Your IP means pointing the server and

However, your computer to update the DNS of the domain or not you need to check directly on your computer using the following procedure:

Start => Run => cmd => ping (eg ping

If the result returns the correct IP that your domain name to point to, then you can use hosting, if not you need to wait for your computer DNS check update or manipulate pointing your domain

Column action help you delete the domain name is not used anymore

After your domain name has been pointing to the correct IP domain name, you can use normal

Some frequently asked questions when using Seo Hosting:

Ask: Why can I only add 6 domain name while the service pack is SEO Hosting I rent 7 IPs?

Answers: When registering service, Your selected 1 the corresponding domain name 1 IP of the server and 6 Rest corresponding IP 6 domain name you will add later. Thus, both the primary domain and 6 subdomains (addon domain) you will have 7 Domain all. For SEO Hosting services 5 IP too, you will have 1 and the primary domain 4 subdomains

Ask: I add a new domain name management at customer sites ( but then accidentally delete the domain name in the directory in cPanel addon domain, it must do so ?

Answers: Customers can simply create a new domain name with new IP management through hosting section at http://manage.hostvn, for this case, you need to log in to then delete and re-add the domain name to its manipulation instructions above

Ask: CPanel addon domain in I, So my domain name to use public IP ?

Answers: For cases not more domain names through the hosting administrators at http://the default, Domain will use the original IP of the server's IP SEO Hosting making this domain

Ask: How do I know in advance the IP domain name pointing or no way I choose my IP domain name is not ?

Answers: For SEO Hosting, Hostvn will not provide advance IP and IP customers also automatically generate random that you can not preselect !

Ask: After more subdomains in, I will upload the code in any directory ?

Answers: For domain names registered initially when you upload the source service at public_html directory on hosting, also with the domain name you add, default cPanel will create folders coincide with your domain name in the directory public_html.

For example: when you add the domain name the directory where your source code, also known as the place to display your website content will be public_html / /

Because SEO Hosting server configuration similar to the configuration of the server Shared Hosting, so you can refer to the following article to limit the errors encountered during use

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