[Guide] Cpanel cho người mới bắt đầu

You just bought 1 web hosting to run its website and vendor sends you an account cPanel. After logging in you will see a lot of items with multiple functions, this is easier to do for us ” Disorder “. So this article I will guide you to the first important point when using cPanel, this is really useful even if you have used this tool for some time.

After logging into the account was provided in the form http://tenmiencuaban:2082 the interface will appear as follows:


Please note 3 section marked red frame.

  1. Notices: This is the display of the supplier's notification to your hosting. Specifically here Hostvn.net inform all users that ” Server will be Backup periodic and Sundays” and “You can learn more of the common problems when using the service Web Hosting when using the service in hostvn“. This is really helpful with the new you use Web hosting, most common problems you will have detailed tutorial here.
  2. Frequently Accessed Areas: This is the tool that you regularly use. As shown above, or use of the items I:
    File Manager: Manage folders and files on hosting, namely managing your source code.
    MySQL Databases: Database Management of site.
    – Site Software: Install the common source code for your website. When you select this option you can set WordPress, Joomla, YaBB, phpMyChat, AgoraCart simply and quickly.
    Select PHP Version: Choose the version PHP matching your source code. Normally you would not be interested in this item, however if you require source code of PHP versions lower or higher than the default version server / server, you can go to choose the appropriate version.
    Change Language: Selecting display language. Default pages management cPanel will be English, if you want to use another language( Vietnamese such) then you choose this entry, interface in the section that appears select Set language to and click Change to change. But you yourself encouraged to use English because there are several parts to the English version to more easily visualize and guide all its future will also use the English interface.
  3. The parameters of hosting: This is a display of the current parameters of hosting, in front of you should be interested in 4 Navigation is as follows:
    CPU Usage: The amount of CPU that your website use. You should optimize the code and its database to % CPU use as little as possible.
    Virtual Memory Usage: The amount of RAM that your website use.
    Disk Space Usage: Hosting capacity on your website. If you use excess capacity is granted, your site will be shut down.
    Monthly Bandwidth Transfer: Traffic to your website in the current month. If you use the excess flow is granted then your site will be shut down.


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