Hướng dẫn thay đổi phiên bản PHP cho website trên cPanel

You change the source code of your website and the new code requires PHP version is higher or lower than the version being used for your hosting. Now you will need to change the PHP version for compatibility with new source code. You can do this in a simple way as follows:

After logging into the admin page hosting, part Software and Services you choose Select PHP Version:


Next you will see the current version of PHP is applied to your website:


To change the version of PHP you click the arrow items PHP Version:


Then you select the appropriate version of PHP with its source code, suppose here I selected PHP versions 5.4, While there will be a series of modules for this version out. You should contact the website design they need to open the modules, you choose the corresponding module, if you are not fluent, then leave default, then press Save.


Finally you click on Set as Current to perform system conversion PHP version for your website.


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