Instructions copy the database in phpMyAdmin

Have you ever wanted to edit your site,or upgrade your forum wavy feared his actions sai.hay upgrade process fails ruin your forum?

Before doing this you usually have your backup database to prevent proper risk No. The solution has a simple backup ,it will copy the database to a different,right on right khong.Neu convenient phpMyadmin.That fixing your website problems ,you just need to edit the config file name of the site database in the new name of the database that you do not need to Export copy.Ma and Import ,wasting your time.

We start alone.

Đầu tiên,you access phpMyAdmin ->On the left side,you need to copy the selected database

VD:tamasv_email its database copy out 1 The new database is tamasv_emai_new.

After click on the database you want to copy,you click on the tab Operations.

Tại Copy database to:,you enter a name that will create new database.(Note the new database created will have the prefix is ​​hosting your user name)


Finally you click GO,So you've had more 1 The new database is identical to your website.

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