Định nghĩa Domain và Domain Name


A domain is a collection of computers and users that share a common database directory service. Database service enables centralized directory administrator account the rights, security and resources of domain . The database service stored in a directory domain controller .
While both workgroup and domain members can share resources, domain provides a centralized method to share network resources . In a domain, the computer running Windows NT Workstation and Windows NT Server computer running perform the following tasks:

+ Taking account valuable users from the database directory .
+ Allow access to the resource is defined in the directory database .
+ Functions as part of the administrator group as a focus


As we all know the Internet is a global computer network , by thousands of computer networks from everywhere reconnect created . Unlike organized according to different ways : local, Inter-municipal, international telecommunications networks such as telephone networks, Internet networking organization has only one level, though small computer networks, Whether connecting to the Internet are equal to each other. Due to the way such organizations should be structured Internet address , addressing special way , very different organization of telecommunication network address.

Internet Addresses (IP) currently being used is (IPv4) have 32 bit divided into 4 Octet ( each octet have 8 bit , equivalent 1 byte ) counting bits are from left to right 1 to bits 32, the octets separated by dots (.) and expressed in decimal form is complete 12 number.

For example, an Internet address :

Do people use memory address such long-digit format when the network is very difficult and therefore beside the IP address is always added a name with a certain sense, easy for users to remember that the internet comes called Domains. For example: Web Host Server TIGER HOSTVN.NET containing Homepage TIGER HOSTING the address is , Its Domain TIGERHOSTING.ASV.VN. Actual users do not need to know the IP address but just remember Domain is accessible.

So Domain is a noun meaning translation style of each word (Word by Word) English word (Domain name). Indeed domain name the identification position (locate) of a computer on the Internet in other words the domain name is the name of the network, the name of the server on the Internet.

Due to the nature only 1 and 1 only on Internet, Your registration can not be Domain name while others have the owner.


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