Overcome Guide website using WordPress hacked

Thời gian gần đây có khá nhiều website sử dụng mã nguồn wordpress phiên bản cũ cũng như install nhiều Plugin và theme không rỏ nguồn gốc về nó dẫn đến website bị hack mà không biết lý do, so I wrote this guide to all your basic grasp of security as well as your website to avoid being abused by ill.

WordPress website you can be hacked via the following reasons

1 : based on statistics from Google we know quite a lot of websites are not new WordPress version upgrade after a new wordpress version to update patches ( bugs) old version

2 : install multiple Plugin and unidentified theme as well as check in source century stained shell or not?

3 : set a password for the account too short or easy for your website administrator, Please set a password for the administrator account valid on 16 more characters accompanied by one of the following characters !@#$%^&* to ensure safety

Most website hacked without knowing the reason and the cause whence, and how to fix? You can do the following

1 : download your source code and conduct computer scan your source anti-virus program with the latest, or use their anti Kaspesky

+ you can come in Cpanel if used Web hosting of Hostvn.net zip file to your entire city 1 single file and downloaded for fast

2 : delete all the files on Hosting của bạn, just delete the files in public_html

3 : Log in wordpress.org download the latest version and unpack on or upload All files zip up your hosting and in Cpanel easy unzip file zip shed

4 : declare database to file wp-config-sample.php and rename the file wp-config.php

5 : visit your website to do the next steps to complete the process of upgrading a new version wordpress

6 : admin access to your website and check the right section on your site user user whether any suspicious not because you make it or not? it is best to delete that user or passed through the powers of that user 1 Group has no rights in admincp

7 : change user passwords administrator password valuable new higher security

8 : just install the plugin and theme is much appreciated, as well as high rate and many download

to this website you can temporarily stabilize, I'll write more security for your wordpress security to your website

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  • Vô Danh

    I knew coming in Akismet antispam wp to comment. So ask yourself one of its Key dc used for many different pages is not it ^^

    • hongochai


      1 Key of this plugin you can use for many sites still operating normally, Alternatively, you may refer to anti-spam plugin Disqus, as blog.hostvn are using

      • Vô Danh

        thanks you offline. And the Disqus then some do not like because it's attached to advertise ^^