Cấu hình chống spam mail ?

Spam mail is one of the issues to consider when you monitor server. Spam mail causes congestion cpu , full network and your server drive. In this article I will guide you to configure the server to use cPanel to track , limited part of spam mail.

  1. Prevent users ” nobody ” How to use script can send mail from your server by enabling suexec and PHPSuexec .
  • Beat Suexec :

bat suexec 2

bat su3

  • On PHPSuexec :





2. Tracking the source of the mail sent from your server by X-source add hearders :

x source

3. To log in to view your exim be easily added 2 following parameters in the config file exim :


4 . On SpamAssassin at Tweak Settings – Mail .( I'll have a specific tutorial uses SpamAssassin after )


…. to be continued ^^



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