Hướng dẫn thêm domain và upload mã nguồn lên website của zpanel

Next Posts create hosting on zPanel today, hostvn will guide you further on zpanel domain and hosting uploaded source code

zPanel have disadvantages is no file management section, meaning that you can not unpack the file on the host or data manipulation on the host through the web interface. You must manipulate data through a single road is FTP.

Default, zPanel will not have you run existing domain. So to add a domain to hosting you do the following

Log into the administration hosting under your username



Click vào Domain, in the next page you get the domain you need to add

And there will be 2 Options are as follows

– Create a new home directory
– Use existing home directory

The first line if you choose, it will automatically create a folder zpanel under the domain in the public_html directory to your data up into it

The second line, means using a directory available in the directory public_html if you have not created a folder in public_html will have a cell write / root

zpanelThen you press the Create

After the addition is complete domain, Your domain will remain pending.


You need to expect from 5 – 10 minutes to your domain status to Live



Folder you will have to upload the source to run the website will be the folder / domain_com here is hostvn_net

Next we need to create an FTP account for default we do not use credentials do like Cpanel FTP information is

Back to main page of zPanel screen

Pull down the bottom, you'll see a File Management Module, you choose FTP Accounts



In this section, you enter the information you want to create FTP ( I suggest using information like information FTP hosting for convenience in mind and not repetitive)

Then you can grant the user the options to the bottom then press Create. Create finished, you can upload your source code on the website okay, Do not raise the host domain pointer

Now I will guide you to create information database

Return to the main screen, Database Management Section you create a user and database follow 2 Items available

In your user directory database note right choice to grant this treatment to a user database ls

***Note*** : Database_name form userhosting_database Your username also only just created name only

Remote access section you can choose from any IP Allow

Done, you have that information, manage FTP , phpmyadmin

Now you just need to install your code longer !

Have Fun !



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