What is VPS?

Virtual server (Virtual Private Server – VPS) the method divides a physical server into multiple virtual server. While on 1 Share Host server running, you can have hundreds of accounts and run 1 time, but on the server running VPS the figures only 1/10. Consequently, VPS high performance over many times Share Host.
– Each server is a completely separate system, have own operating system, have full control over the root and may restart the system at any time. Therefore, VPS limit 100% the possibility of local hack attack.
– On 1 Share Host server running many website run together, general server resource, if 1 Website with DDoS attacks, botnet too strong will affect other websites and servers, Own server VPS, an account VPS attacked, all accounts VPS More on the server are not affected.
VPS for medium-sized enterprises and large Web sites or heavy source, if run on Share Host will not meet demand.

  • Characteristics of parameters VPS?

– Activity as a completely separate server CPU should own private part, Ram own capacity, Private HDD drive capacity, private IP address and its own operating system.
– Saves a lot of the cost when compared to hiring a private Server.
– Aside from using VPS to set up Web Server, Mail Server and other applications, you can set to perform specific needs such as access on the Web using a Web browser VPS, download / upload speeds bittorent high…
– In case VPS lack of resources can be easily upgraded to add resources without rebooting the system.
– Can reinstall the operating system from which the time from 5-10 minute.

  • What do you get when renting VPS at Hostvn ?

– Strong server configuration allows customers to easily choose package VPS fit.
– Free initial installation costs as well as operational configuration for customers.
– Customer support install free add individual software.
– Advice configure and install the system Firewall .
– Technical department to promptly intervene quickly if problems arise.

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