Ultimate Membership Pro – WordPress Membership Plugin

Membership Pro main Features:

  • Multi-Levels
  • Unlimited Paid/Free Membership Levels
  • Content Lockers protect
  • Payments Gateway: PayPalAuthorize.netStripe2CheckOutBrainTreePayzaBank Transfer
  • Sell Subscriptions via WooCommerce platform
  • Trial Free/Paid period
  • Drip Content protection
  • Restrict Pages or any URL
  • Subscriptions Plan
  • MultiPayments option
  • Login Predefined Templates
  • Register Predefined Templates
  • Menu Protection
  • 9 Email Marketing Platforms integrated
  • Visual Composer Integrated
  • Keywords Restrictions
  • Social Login with 7 Social Networks:Facebook,Twitter,Google,LinkedIn,Instagram,VKontakte,Tumblr
  • 5 Predefined Social Buttons Layouts
  • Double Email Verification
  • Dashboard Stats
  • Unlimited Registration/Profile Fields
  • Restricted Fields based on Levels
  • Redirect or Replace Content Page
  • WordPress Users Synchronize
  • Members List Showcases
  • Search Option into Members List
  • Pagination settings into Members List
  • Custom Currencies
  • Coupon Codes discount
  • Bulk Coupons builder
  • Customizable Email Notification Templates


  • Custom Inside Content Locker
  • Special Custom Fields:Profile Image, Upload Files, Multi-Select
  • Conditional Logic Register Form
  • Verify Code/Question field
  • Professional Account Page – Custom Content, Subscription actions (Renew,Cancel,Delete)
  • Custom Redirect Links
  • Multiple Predefined Shortcodes
  • Custom Dashboard Access
  • Taxes related on user Country
  • Country special custom field
  • BuddyPress Account Page Integration
  • WooCommerce My Account Integration
  • Download Monitor AddOn
  • WP Social Login Integration
  • Invoice on Orders with custom Templates
  • List of Access Posts available for current Users
  • Individual Page for each Users Account once is created
  • Pushover Notificationsfor Mobile notifications besides the regular Emails
  • User Reports available only for Admins for a better user tracking
  • Subscription Delay let you set when the Subscription will start, also.
  • Level Dynamic Price – user decides the paid price between some specific limits
  • Security Login to avoid bruteforce attacks.
  • Membership Badges with custom Images.
  • WordPress workflow Restriction based on Levels/Subscriptions.
  • Filter & Search options into Members Directory
  • Pagination into Members Directory
  • Predefined Templates for Public Profile Page.
  • Gravatar and BuddyPress Avatar synchronization.
  • MYCred Integration for rewards points based on Subscriptions.
  • API Module for external Calls
  • Custom Account Page menu tabs
  • Predefined Templates for Public Profile Page.
  • Limit Comment submission based on assigned Subscription
  • Limit Post submission based on assigned Subscription
  • Integrated with Ultimate Affiliate Pro
  • Flat&modern Design
  • Ready-to-User once is installed
  • Multiple reminders Notifications
  • Provides Discount for Woo Products based on purchased Levels/Subscriptions
  • Drip content Notifications
  • Import Users&Levels via CSV file
  • Sell SubSites based on Levels/Subscriptions into WP MultiSite environment

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