Cấu trúc cây thư mục trong Linux

Trong khuôn khổ bài viết này, Hostvn you will learn about the structure of the Linux file system and the meaning of each home directory.

  • / – Root – Thư mục gốc

– Mỗi tập tin đơn và thư mục được bắt đầu thư mục gốc.

– Only new root user has write permissions in this directory.

– Note that the / root directory of a user is not the root directory /.

  • /bin – The executable file of the user

– Contains the executable file.

– Linux common commands that you need to use in single-user mode are saved here.

– The command is used by all users in the system are stored here. Vd : ls, nano , grep..

  • /sbin – The executable file of the system

– Also contains executable files such as / bin. The commands are stored in this directory is used for basic admin and user maintenance.

– Vd : iptables, reboot, fsck..

  • /etc – The configuration file

– Contains configuration files needed for all programs.

– Containing boot code and disable individual programs.

– Vd: /etc/ssh/sshd_config, /etc/my.cnf ….

  • /dev – The device file

– Device contains files. It contains files terminals as USB or any device attached to the system.

– Vd: /dev / sda, dev/usbmon0..

  • /proc – Information process

– Contains information about the progress of the system.

– The files here information about running processes. Vd : /proc/{pid} directory contains information process with pid you choose.

– This is the file system with the content virtual system resources. Vd: /proc/cpuinfo, /cpu/uptime…

  • /our – The modified file

– Contains files that large capacity gradually over time using.

– Include – The file system notes (/var / log); packages and database files (/var/lib); email (/var / mail); print queue queues (/var/spool); Key files (/var / lock); temporary files used when restarting (/var/tmp);

  • /tmp – Folder no temporary files

– Directory contains temporary files generated by the system and the user.

– The files in this folder is deleted when the system is restarted.

  • /usr – The user program

– Contains the executable file, library, documentation and source code for the second degree program.

– /usr / bin contains the executable file for the user programs. If you can not find in the directory / bin is located in the / usr / bin. Vd: at, awk, cc, less…

– /usr / sbin contains the executable file for the system administrator. If you can not find in / sbin, then look in / usr / sbin. Vd: cron, sshd, useradd…

– /usr / lib contains the library file / usr / bin and / usr / sbin

– /usr / local contains the user's program that you install from source . Vd : install apache, it is included in the directory / usr / local / apache2.

  • /home – User directory

– Contains the user's files in the system.

– Vd: /home/hostvn, /home / bloghostvn…

  • /boot – The files of the boot program

– Contains the files related to the program startup.

– Vmlinux files, grub are stored in the / boot directory

– Vd: initrd.img-2.6.32-24-generic, vmlinuz-2.6.32-24-generic..

  • /lib – The file system library

– Library contains files to support the executable file in the / bin and / sbin

– This is the name of the file or lib * .so * ld *.

– Vd: ld-2.11.1.so, libncurses.so.5.7

  • /opt – Optional applications or more

– optional opt stands

– Contains additional applications of different vendors.

– Additional applications should be installed in subdirectories of / opt /.

  • /mnt – Directory mount

– Mount the temporary folder where the system administrator can mount the file system.

  • /media – Removable devices

– Directory contains temporary mount removable devices.

– Vd: /media / cdrom cho CD-ROM; /media / floppy for floppy drives; /media / write CD drive cdrecorder.

  • /srv – Data services

– Srv stands for service

– Contains data relating to the services on the server.

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