Hướng dẫn quản lý,sử dụng Email Hosting

In Account Management I.Dang
Path Management : http://domain.hostvn.net

Account : abc
password : *****

II.Quản lý Email Hosting :

Sau khi đăng nhập,quý khách sẽ thấy màn hình như sau :

Trên thanh Menu,trỏ đến Domain -> List All Order

Then the system will return the customer service,click management services required :

Customers will see the following management functions :

Click Manage to manage Email Hosting Email Hosting.



III.Tạo User:

1.Add user : Click Mail -> Add User

Fill out the information :

First name,Last Name : Full name

Desired Email Address : Address need to create.

Alternate Email Address: Address receive new email information.

Click Add User to finalize.

2.Manage Users/Account : Click Mail -> Manage Users/Account

The system will display the existing account,want to edit account then click straight into that account,or letters corresponding Edit.

The information while editing like add User.


IV.Huong manual :

Path login : http://webmail.yourdomain.com

Account / password : As already created in previous step.

This section is similar to Yahoo's email,google ... apply will easily use.

Good luck



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