Guide Suhosin installed on linux server

If people do not know what Suhosin can be found at In short, Suhosin is a PHP extension enhances several layers of security and patch some serious errors PHP.

To installed Suhosin on linux you prepare you 1 ly cafe,after that,follow these steps:

1)The latest Dow suhosin

cd /usr/download (no directories, create offline)

# wget

# tar –zxf

2)You have to make the php-devel installed

# yum install php-devel

3) Compile suhosin với php

# cd suhosin-0.9.33
# phpize
# make
# make install

# echo ‘’ > /etc / php.d / suhosin.ini

4) Restart webserver

# ser­vice httpd restart

5)Verify suhosin already installed or not :

# php –v


# php –v

PHP 5.2.17 (cli) (built: Nov 13 2010 16:05:12)
Copy­right © 1997–2006 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.1.0, Copy­right © 1998–2006 Zend Tech­nolo­gies
with Suhosin v0.9.33, Copy­right © 2007, by Sek­tionEins GmbH

Clear ,suhosin was installed successfully.

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