VBB forum optimization guide

I) Set from AdminCP

The settings in this section most of you will find from AdminCP > vBulletin Options > vBulletin Options. This will be the basic configuration of the forum so that it runs faster and reduces command execution request from the server ( Some host Deletes the accounts use VBB for wasting too much memory and CPU for server also for this reason ). Let us now begin.

A.General Settings

1-Use Forum Jump Menu : Disabling this feature will remove the drop-down menu displays a list of your forum in the forum. It will save you the amount of the * and limited by the number of pages and the database access statements.
2-Add Template Name in HTML Comments : Reduce bandwidth for transmission because the annotation does not matter in the source code will be removed.

B.Cookies and HTTP Header Options

1-GZIP HTML Output : The host runs on linux majority support GZIP compression * a feature quite convenient data. It will reduce the size of the download page * acceleration browse page for your forum. Fill in the parameters from 1-9 to set the compression level * the larger the server will compress more * but the client will be more time consuming to extract. 1 the best.

2-Add No-Cache HTTP Headers : Unable to save the page on the client. Think with the browser to request the contents of an existing page on your ( and all its images) every time you move from link to link * takes a lot of bandwidth. Selecting No will to solve this problem.

3-Remove Redirection Message Pages : Every time you log or VBB post will show up notice before moving page. Or but quite inconvenient and time-consuming and bandwidth of the host.

C.Server Settings and Optimization Options

1-Cached Posts Lifespan : Archive posts a temporary way to host. It helps you reduce the query into database* speed up browsing forum. However it will take pretty much the capacity of the host. Depending on your situation, select Yes or No.

2-Update Thread Views Immediately và Update Attachment Views Immediately : Not necessarily Yes. But for the great forum the effect of these two features will make the forum very slow and database will be overloaded processor. It used to read and download the update file from the article.

D.Style & Language Settings

1-Store CSS Stylesheets as Files? : Store information about the layout of the forum ( Style – Skin – Theme – Template …). If not contained in 1 to access certain files each page * VBB takes it into the main source and accelerating the processing of a page multiple times. If you select Yes, you must make sure the directory vbulletin_css in ClientScript be CHMOD is 777.

E.Message Posting and Editing Options

1-Quick Reply : Effective quick response Yes * Click Not Required will save you the one page answer in most cases. Off this goes a little inconvenient

F.Message Posting Interface Options

1-Total Smiliebox Smilies : As many smileys will reduce the speed and increase the amount of page. You reduce the range <15 form is stable

G.Message Searching Options

1-Automatic Similar Thread Search : Turn off the posts of the same category in 1 Topics. You will save energy for the server pretty much. If you use host free * I think you should turn it off.

H.Forums Home Page Options

1-Display Logged in Users? Yes* Random listing to all visitors : Show members log in to the forum, but do not need in order. Save CPU maximum load when you turn it off if not so, used as minhde request.

2-Display Today’s Birthdays? / Display Custom Holidays : If you do not care about birthdays or holidays displayed on the home page - you can turn it off. This setting is quite convenient because it reduces the query on database cho forum.

I.Thread Display Options (showthread)

1-Show Users Browsing Threads :This setting allows showing whether or not the members are reading this article. Hey should be turned off
2-Check Thread Rating / Check Thread Subscription : Both 2 This setting should be turned off because really it does not matter research and energy consuming server lot. ( checked regularly reviews articles / subscribe to )

J.Thay vì ở vBulletin Options bạn vào Usergroups > Usergroup Manager > Unregistered / Not Logged In

1-Can Search Forums / Can Use Boolean Search / Can View Who’s Online : Reduce unnecessary server tasks only to meet the requirements of the Guest to visit.

So you have completed setting up the basic values ​​in the configuration for VBB Forum.Minh believe make your forum at least have faster or less.

This configuration is based on the fact the Forum and server management, all contribute please contact

Hồ Ngọc Hải – Email : hongochai@gmail.com or haihn@asv.vn

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  • Tran

    Very or, thank you. give slightly more
    I want to change the www to nowww in VB, how?

    • hongochai


      You admincp => setting => Site Name / URL / Contact Details

      to declare offline