Chmod là gì? Cách Chmod như thế nào?

CHMOD là gì ?

  • Chmod nghĩa là thiết lập quyền (xem, erase …) trên file hay thư mục. To match the security configuration of Hostvn, các bạn nên chmod theo chuẩn 644 với file, 755 với floder.
  • Chmod chính là thao tác thay đổi các quyền sau:

– “Read” (Đọc): abbreviated “r”, and is represented by the number 4
– “Write” (Record / Edit): abbreviated “w”, and is represented by the number 2
– “Execute” (Enforcement): abbreviated “x”, and is represented by the number 1

  • Chmod simultaneously change permissions on files / folders with the following subjects:

– “Owner” – owner of the file / folder
– “Group” – Owner group that is a member
– “Public / Others/ Everybody”: the rest

  • Chmod 755 means the following :

Chmod = 755 for the directory means:
7 = 4 + 2 + 1 : The owner has the right to read the directory folder (read); edited directory (write); list of folders and files inside (execute)
5 = 4 + 0 + 1 : Those same groups have the right to read the directory only (read); list of folders and files inside (execute)
5 = 4 + 0 + 1 : The rest just have permission to read the directory (read); list of folders and files inside (execute)


– First, you need to log in to the admin page Cpanel : http://tendomain:2082

– After a successful login you choose ” File Manager”.

– Display ” File Manager” .

– For each file or chmod floder, you can click on the column ” Perms ” or right click select ” Change Permissions ” to change the parameters.

– To proceed with your entire selected chmod” Select all ” , click to select ” Change Permissions ” and custom. You note that this will not chmod chmod whole separate floder, files for each separate configuration parameters ( this problem will be overcome with chmod via FTP protocol ).

  • CHMOD through FTP :

– First you need a file manager software works on this protocol as : Filezilla, Cute-pro , Flash FXP …. Here I use FileZilla . You need access : to download the latest version of the software and install.

– Interface Filezilla


– Firstly, you proceed to the login parameters and choose ” Quick Connect ” ( These parameters are identical to the parameters you use to login page admin cpanel, except in section ” Host ” you enter your IP or server's main domain hosting hosting the condition of this domain must be pointing to the host).

– To proceed chmod every file or floder, you right click on the file and select floder and ” File permissions ” and to adjust the parameters.

In this example I will proceed chmod 755 for floder ” admin ” . However, you should note the following options:

+ If you leave it on and pressing OK as image . The chmod will only be made for floder ” admin “

+ If you click ” Recurse …” choose ” Apply to all file and directories ” the parameters you tune in “Numeric value ” will be applied to the entire configuration file floder and children in floder ” admin ” without affecting parameters that you configured earlier with floder ” admin ” . Similar to 2 The next option would be the only configuration to configuration files or only for children in floder floder ” admin “.


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