The standout feature of Email Marketing

With service Email Marketing The new launch of Hostvn, you can see the differences of services than what you have experienced when using the service Email Marketing other, in addition to the outstanding features of the system processor máy chủ as well as the strength of the foundation Virtualization. You can see the Notable features of Email Marketing Services in Hostvn through presentation after.

Email fast

Computer systems SMTP Multithreading is designed to speed up sending send email to recipients with the shortest time. The effectiveness of the campaign depends greatly on speed, timeliness of information sent right time events taking place.

Gửi Email với tốc độ siêu nhanh

Detailed statistics Marketing Campaign

Results campaign is detailed statistics in real time from geographical regions, sharing social network, Some people read email, Some people reject the message, Spam email Markers, broken or full mailbox. In addition, the system supports output file formats according to General Statistics.

Thống kê chiến dịch Marketing trực quan

Interactive campaigns with social networks

Feature share email content on popular social networking built in email templates, increases the likelihood of a wider spread of the message of the campaign and interactive nature of service email marketing with community.

Tương tác chiến dịch với mạng xã hội

Market survey

The survey instrument was built, easy to use web interface that you can use the channel email marketing to gather the necessary information before making a new product or service without having to take too many costs for market research issues.

Khảo sát thị trường

Information security

When using email marketing service by HOSTVN provide statistics relating to the campaign will be fully encrypted to ensure privacy, information security before the competitors operating in the same field.

Bảo mật thông tin

Intelligent automatic feedback

You can actively establish and compile the script with automatic mode feedback to our customers for each different event for each request and the specific time or create a series of emails to be expected send.

Tự động phản hồi thông minh

Personalized content

The personalized content to help you send email to thousands of people an email with their name, email contains the recipient's name will make customers feel their own letters to make them want to open letters and more.

Cá nhân hóa nội dung

Automatic handling of complaints

The registration of the list of IP máy chủ SMTP and connect regularly with unit ISP mail systems help automatically remove email when there are complaints, "SPAM" from recipients in order to minimize the risk of emails being blocked by the supplier or sent mail to blacklist.

Tự động xử lý khiếu nại

Intelligent dynamic content

Lets send email marketing in the same campaign can use multiple content, headlines email, outgoing email address, address feedback, bounce email addresses, hyperlinks email, SMTP server address to add to the attraction open letter from newsletter.

Nội dung động thông minh

Email Template Library Rich

We are always willing to give advice and support during use email marketing service. HTML email templates provide professional design, you can select an existing form or use the email template designed by you send.

Thư viện Email Template phong phú

Vietnamese friendly interface

The system uses the Vietnamese language makes it easy to use and to grasp how to deploy email marketing campaigns, Besides the articles manual and experience effective email marketing regularly updated in Email Marketing Blog.

Giao diện Tiếng Việt thân thiện

Email list management easy

You can update and manage customer lists is easy to use email marketing service of HOSTVN. Also you will get instructions on how to build a list of potential customers with unlimited quantity.

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