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Wordpress is the world's source code was used and the most attention today, WordPress is widely used as Blog or CMS are appreciated and supported several free plugins and themes now. But this source to run a stable and lasting way, without consuming resources CPU the server for you sài shared hosting is little known and familiar way.

So this article will help you somewhat reduce the load CPU of Server and also improves your website load faster avoid vendor lock unwanted accounts ( especially for their specialist monitor Server, see many user accounts as resources to handle, this is reluctant to guarantee the safety of the user and other server and server )

And many other stuff website traffic from shared website traffic without thinking the consequences and effectiveness of website, many reasons led to slow or website access and fueling the Server error weak or bad service not lead to such delicate issues forums go screaming and criticizing a bluff without projector learn , although not too difficult when looking for a particular keyword on the search engines

We head north to the problem according to this article

1 : Make a backup of your website Cpanel and upgrade to the latest version of wordpress version if you are using too old.

2 : Customize your website url of a certain value, should not create url /%category%/%postname%/ hay /%year%/%postname%/ or /%post_id%/%postname%/ , no need to optimize the error 301, because wordpress has automatically do it for you!

3 : install Plugin WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache, This plugin will create two dynamic web cache from web to province ( html ) to help speed up your website when more accessible and reduce CPU load Server significantly

4 : off all related SEO Plugin like All in One SEO Pack or images SEO, because virtually all existing WordPress theme was optimized and attached standard SEO

5 : replaced by statistical Plugin Google Analytics

6 : Install at least one Plugin capcha as SI CAPTCHA or re-Captcha to avoid unwanted spam comment

you can view the configuration guide Super Cache through the following link


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